Late Night Matinee

We were looking for a movie to watch at home on television, but there weren’t any good options. We decided to search for movie titles online. Just so happened there was a movie we wanted to see showing at the theater and it had a midnight showtime.

We were expecting the movie to be packed and to have a hard time finding a seat, but we were determined to go. Once we arrived, we were surprised to find that we were able to find seats at the very top of the theater; we were even more surprised as it got closer to time for the movie to start and we were still the only ones in our showroom.

About halfway through the movie my man kissed me just behind my ear. He knows that spot gets me ready no matter where we’re at. We started kissing and sucking on each other’s necks. He kept rubbing the inside of my thighs and I started rubbing his d!*k.

The more we played around rubbing and kissing, I unzipped his pants and started giving him a hand job. Next thing I knew he unzipped mine and started to play with cl!t. It was no turning back from there….. – Late Night Matinee

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