Laid In The City

It was yet another rainy day in the city, the kind of day meant for staying in and cuffing. Hump day, and there was nothing and no one to hump. Veronica was in need of a fix, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted her usual fix from Ray to come over during their salacious weekly rendezvous. Recently, she had her sights set on a new beau. It was Xavier. She’d spoken to him once or twice, even gotten his name because, they lived in the same building. Now, here he was all of a sudden getting onto her train. As she sat on her commute, she sized him up. Biting her bottom lip, he was handsome. She felt her sugar walls clench in agreement. It was one of those moments when you surrender to your desires, and just live in it, bask in the wanting of another human-being. He stood towering over her. She noticed his bulge through his scrubs. He was definitely in shape. She turned her head to break her staring, and from making eye contact with the “blind eye” that zeroed in on her from his pants.

 Of course, Xavier noticed the beautiful woman in front of him. He noticed her and all of her glamour. Xavier watched this enigma known, as “Veronica.” He was intrigued by her unique and quirky style. She was unlike the women he was used to, but as he traced the outline of her lips, he wanted to taste them. Her body was incredibly close to his as she stood, and he could feel her warmth. His body warmed and he felt the blood rushing to unspeakable places within his body. Her body called to him. She was something special, and his body knew it and felt it.

The looks shared between the two said everything. It was carnal. The sexual hunger stroked something deep between them. “Hello” she spoke the first word, and it was music to Xavier’s ears. He was like a vampire waiting on his prey.

“Hello”, he responded.

“Can I just be frank with you? I don’t beat around the bush”, said Veronica wanting to get straight to the point. She had an “itch” that needed to be scratched.

“Sure, please do”, Xavier responded the perfectly eager gent.

“I’ve noticed you for some time now, and I…”, she paused as her finger slowly drug across her plump luscious lips. “Well, I can’t say…”

Xavier hung onto her every word, “sure you can…”

“Nah, I can’t, but damn, you fly”, she said.

Xavier was flattered. It was their stop. They both began to exit the train together. Realizing they had so much in common as they walked and talked to their building.

“Let me at least walk you to your door”, said Xavier. She was happy that he offered.

“Sure”, as Veronica inserted her key gently into the lock Xavier examined her body. The moment suddenly became familiar. He pressed his pelvis into her ass and pulled her into him. The hardness of his dick made her wet. Veronica obliged as he examined her wetness, and in that moment, she moaned…confirmation that she wanted him too. He hands rubbed her body all over. Next, he exposed her fishnet stockings from beneath her short black skirt, as he dropped down and kissed her thighs and removed them. Their bodies felt like long lost mates needing to connect. The heat between them grew as they kissed and fondled one another. They crashed into Veronica’s apartment onto the couch. The sweet love sweat began to form between them. They were too enthralled within each other’s grasp to make it to the bed. On that couch, they became lovers, crisscrossing cuntinents. Xavier kissed her lips and made his way to her erotic zone and Veronica screamed with pleasure. No man made her feel this way, not even good ole Ray, but then again, no woman made his feet curl the way Veronica did. She knew that she was his kryptonite.

“Let me in”, she said as she zeroed in eye to eye draining his soul with her love.

Xavier let go. Skin to skin, two chocolate delectable bodies became one. He slid comfortably into her wetness, as if, he was always meant to be there. He fit right in, and she became so creamy with sheer erotic delight. She rode Xavier into oblivion and his hands got lost in the caress of her “fun bags.” Xavier began to grip with force as he felt her taking him over the top. The breathing between them became shallow and they both felt the cum approaching.

“Ahhh, oh my God, Xavier, make me cum!”

“FUUUUCKKKKK”, he shouted.

The force was deep and amazing, as they climaxed, they looked into each other’s eyes panting heavily.

Veronica’s phone rang, it was Ray. She shook her head. They both laughed.

Xavier smiled and said, “same time next week?”

Veronica kissed his lips and answered without hesitation, “absolutely!”

A Short Story by: Charmyra Fleming | Creative Calfuray

© 2020 Charmyra Fleming | The Notorious Bad

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