Don’t Scream

We went on a family trip with our kids and one of their cousins. We this really nice cabin facing the lake. On our second night there, we all watched movies on a big pallet on the floor of the living room.

The kids decided to go to bed after about 11:30pm. My husband and I decided we’d watch one more movie. We were cuddled under the cover and decided to just put some background noise on. I was so horny just from being close to him and having his arms around me.

I asked my husband if we could do it on the floor, cause he says I never wanna do things like that. I figured the kids wouldn’t hear us cause they were all on the backside of the cabin, although, it was very quiet and had a huge echo. He said no, the kids would hear!

I begged him to get on top of me and put it in and he would not budge! My vagina was throbbing so bad and the lips were puffy as hell. I couldn’t take it anymore! I took his hand and put it in between my legs and I was grinding it so hard.

He eventually began to stimulate my clit and I was dripping all over his fingers. I was so wet and I began breathing real hard and he began kissing and sucking my neck. My climax was building, my grinding got harder and my breathing heavier!

As I could feel my orgasm about to happen, he covered my mouth and whispered to me don’t scream. I couldn’t hold it in of course and I came all over the place! – Don’t Scream

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