Give Me A Hand

I have always wanted to go to dinner at an upscale restaurant and let my girl give me a hand job under the table. I don’t want it to be on no, d**k on the table and she’s rubbing it or nothing like that. I still want it to have a little bit of mystery to it, you know? I want it to be a legit date night, we’re dressed up real nice and just enjoying each other and the atmosphere.

I can literally see us ordering drinks and appetizers and shit, just chilling and enjoying touching on each other under the table. Then she can just go in my pants and work the magic with her hand. It kind of turn me on thinking about her doing that and then wondering if other people can tell what we’re doing, you feel me?

After she finishes me, I want to give her the same pleasure. I think that’s something the fellas we forget about is pleasing our women. I wanna work the magic on her too!

Only thing is, when we’re leaving, we might not be able to clean up all the evidence of what happened!

– Give Me A Hand

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