Put Your Mouth On Me

I want to put on a sexy lingerie set and have my body kissed and sucked from top to bottom. I want my body to build up so much intensity from the kissing and sucking until it goes into a light convulsion when it begins to orgasm.

Starting at the top, I want my lips kissed tenderly. I want them sucked softly. Take your tongue and work it slowly around my lips. Surprise me by sticking it inside of mouth ever so often so that I can suck it and taste it. Keep me guessing when it will happen so that just when I think I can suck it for a while, take it out and begin to kiss me again.

My neck, suck it right under my chin and run your tongue up my neck until you reach my lips again and french me passionately. Then go back to my neck take a few sex bites.

Move down and run your closed lips down the center of my chest. Stop just at the top of the crease and move to my breasts. Press your lips on my breasts as you kiss them. I want to feel that force. Suck my nipples leaving a slight bit of your mouths’ juices, then blow on them….. keep sucking and blowing please.

Suck my stomach right below my belly button. I want my body to anticipate your suck coming down to my candy. Grab my stomach lightly with your mouth and then let it go. Now suck it in and hold it in your mouth and rub your tongue up and down it softly and quickly. I want to imagine your mouth doing this to my candy’s clit. I want my candy to feel your sucking and licking from just above and as it builds up that intensity…….I’m going to c*m for you before you get to my prized pleasure…..

Now start at the top again, kiss me running your tongue deep into my mouth. Now go directly to my candy and hold it in your mouth sucking and licking me, but don’t let me go until you taste my orgasm flowing.

– Put Your Mouth On Me

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