For Her Pleasure

I was reading an article late one night about a woman’s pleasure. For years I’ve read about how many women fake orgasms and some have not had any orgasm at all with their partners.

The more I read these articles the more I realized, my wife may have been faking orgasms for years. I wanted to ask her if this were the case and I probably should have. I was really concerned. I wanted her to enjoy sex with me as much as I have with her and I wanted to make sure she was having orgasms.

One article had a section that spoke of women needing clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm because the penetration alone wouldn’t do it. It gave some tips on ways to stimulate a woman’s clitoris while inside of her and by hand while foreplaying with her.

I decided I would try these tips on my wife without telling her, to see if there would be a difference in her response while we had sex.

One night during sex I began to kiss her and rub her clitoris with my hand. I wet my finger tips with my tongue for a gentle and smooth rub across her clitoris. As we kissed and I rubbed her clitoris soft and with fast and slow glides. Her responses were much more, sexually intense. It was like she was eager for me to get inside of her. I could feel the build up happening in her midsection.

As we began to have penetrative sex, I made sure to grind her in circles, keeping my body close to hers so I would always be stimulating her clitoris while penetrating her. I also did strokes where my midsection would slide up and down her clitoris while penetrating her going in and out with an extra little push going in. We had some of the most intense sex we’ve had our entire marriage that night!

When she began to orgasm, I knew without a shadow of a doubt my wife had been faking her orgasms for so long. I couldn’t even be upset with her. I wish we had both been in a place where we could have communicated to each other what worked and what didn’t in bed. However, I was just happy that I was able to give her what she had been needing sexually all along in that moment.

To think, all I was ever taught was about penetrating and giving a good pounding! I’m sure that all has its place, but from now on, I’m going to stick with mixing it all up for a better experience. These tips not only helped me give her pleasure, my orgasms were pretty damn intense too!

– For Her Pleasure

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