Surprise Surprise Office Supplies

I remember working in a warehouse for a company that sold office supplies. I worked the late shift. We went in to work around 1pm and got off late or early in the morning the next day really.

We had this one lady on our shift and she and I really became good friends on the job over time. We would flirt back and forth every day all the time. I always assumed she had a boyfriend and was just having fun and passing time on the job.

One night, we all decided to go get breakfast after work. She let it slip out while eating she was single and had been for a long time. We stayed in that restaurant parking lot and talked a long time.

Things started to get a little heated and we started to kiss and fool around a lil bit in my truck. We were worried about being seen in the parking lot, so I told her to follow me back to the job. There was a storage inside the warehouse that you could unlike the door with one of your own keys. I took her in there, since hardly anybody had come on next shift yet. I locked the door, we started kissing and I started rubbing her p*$$y. After that, that was all she wrote.

– Office Supplies

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