Suck Me Good

I was at work one day and had a big fight with my boyfriend that morning. I loved my boyfriend, but he wasn’t all that good to me. He really treated me like shit a lot!

There was this guy at work, I thought he was good looking. One day, I noticed he kept looking at me as a friend and I were talking. A few times our eyes made contact. I wanted him to know I was looking at him and was hoping he wanted me to know he was looking at me.

I decided at lunch I was gonna follow him after work and we were gonna talk. I felt like he was different than what I had at home and I wanted to know for myself.

After work, I waited for him to get in his truck and leave. I wasn’t discreet about my following him either. He could tell early on I was following him. Every turn he made, I made. Everytime he switched the lane I did too.

Finally, he pulled over and I pulled over too. He came and asked me, “Is everything okay?” I told him yea. He then asked me where I was going. I told him I was following him. He told me, I didn’t know if he was crazy, had a woman or whatever and was just following him and it’s dangerous. I told him I already knew he wasn’t crazy and I asked him then if he had a woman. He said no.

I told him I noticed him watching me at work that day and I wanted to talk about that. I asked if we could go somewhere and talk besides the side of the road. He told me to follow him to his place.

His place was nice. He kept it real well. You could tell he had his shit together. We sat down to talk and he asked why I really followed him. I asked why did he keep staring at me at work. He said because he thought I was beautiful and attractive. I asked him if we could kiss. Damn, he was a good kisser. I couldn’t help but start rubbing all over his body.

I was so horny. I decided I was going to have sex with him right then and there. I asked him to sit on the edge of the couch. I unzipped his pants, took off his shirt and pulled his pants off. I kissed him from head to toe. He smelled good, felt good, and tasted good.

Just as I grabbed his d*ck to put it in my mouth, he grabbed me and put me on the couch. I wasn’t used to that. I was always the one giving first and sometimes the only one giving at all. He took my clothes off and said he wanted to please me and asked me what I wanted. I had never had a guy do that to me. I told him, I wanted him to suck me good all over my body. In my mind I wanted to forget about home!

The way he kissed me and rubbed my body had me shivering. It felt like all my blood was running to my clit. The shit felt so good! But when his mouth connected with in between my legs, it was better than magic. My body could not stop shaking. Everytime I moved it felt like I kept cumming. I creamed and creamed. It was so damn good. He got up, came back with a condom and asked if he could enter me? I said hell yea! He went deep and stroked me for a long time. I needed that release bad. I had no clue that this was how I liked to be f*cked!

I left that evening and went home like nothing happened. I didn’t talk to my boyfriend at all that evening at home. All I could think about was him. The one who made me shiver just thinking about him in the shower.

The following day at work, I saw him and he asked me how I was doing. I asked if we could go out to eat after work and he said yes. I needed to tell him I had a boyfriend.

When we were eating, I knew this guy was somebody who would be good to me. I hadn’t told him I had a boyfriend. I didn’t want to fuck things up, but I didn’t want to keep lying to him either. But I just couldn’t tell him I had someone.

I told him I was damaged goods and would end up fucking up our relationship because I didn’t know how to handle somebody being good to me. I could tell he was disappointed. He even told me, I deserve to be treated good and told I was beautiful. I just didn’t think I deserved it and I never have.

I would go to work and watch him every damn day. All I could think about is that day at his place! He would always stop by to talk and ask how I was. Then one day, he didn’t show up and word got around that he had found another job.

I still think about him. I think about how he made me feel. I think about what his mouth felt like on me. I still can’t believe I didn’t leave my boyfriend and see what could of been with this guy. And here I am in the same damn cycle of one bad guy after another. Bad habits are hard to break.

I haven’t had good sex like that man, since.

– Suck Me Good

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